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poniedziałek, 22 grudnia 2008

russian fairy tales

It's amazing.For a few days i dream to bay russland fairy tales.I remember them from my childhood.And now, it's come in TV--mdr -wowwww :),Titel-"Abenteuer in Zauberwald"-
"Adventures in magic forests" (1964) -


(i don't know if i do it correctly with link,probably not-sorry -i have to learn :).
Colours in this movie are great ,so old ,so like by Rackham-wonderful :))))This film is so special, i love old fairy tales,now all is so modern-another subjects-more for adluts than Children :( . I love Folk art of East Europa (i come from Poland), it's so romantic,nature-pure :)

Today i will show you my new Draws ,i have all the time inspiration ,I bealive that's come from my Baby in me :)))I am so happy to be mother :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
With all my soul i want to by mother and now ............. :)))))))))) i want sing from happines.

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