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niedziela, 14 grudnia 2008

Ufff...es ist nicht so einfach....

I have to learn more Blogger's functions ,but i have no patience,or i'am still too tired to understand it.I edit my Post,i see effect and i don,t understand why it looks not so like i want it,does not matter. I draw and share this with you,:)Practice makes master,or something like this :)so i learn slowly also blogger.

I wish you all very nice sunday :))))))))

2 komentarze:

Southern Fried Cupcakes~ pisze...

I like your blog~

Xo Kelly

Ikka pisze...

Thanks :)))))))
My blog is still half empty,but i have thousand of idees,
Pregnancy only requires me more sleep and rest :))))))in february i will hold my sweet Baby in my arms and it is such wonderful :))))

I am happy that you read my blog ,i read your profil and i see i already like you :))))

i wish you all the best and a lot of inspiration